Who We Are

AAAIP is a community of professionals who value the human animal bond and the power of animal-assisted interventions.

Our mission is to empower professionals to responsibly integrate the healing power of therapy animals into their practice while advancing the field of Animal-Assisted Intervention (AAI). We envision a future where AAI is practiced widely, ethically, and successfully.

Who We Serve
AAAIP serves the needs of all AAI professionals:

  • Mental health professionals
  • Occupational therapists
  • Physical therapists
  • School counselors and personnel
  • Eldercare professionals
  • Social workers
  • Speech/language pathologists
  • Therapy animal program coordinators
  • Anyone working with animals in a therapeutic setting
  • Animal trainers
  • Researchers/Behaviorists
  • And more!

Our Core Values
Our work supports our core values:
Animal Welfare:
Therapy animals are sentient beings that can express preferences and deserve protection from exploitation.
Integrity: Act with honesty and adhere to the AAI Code of Ethics.
Inclusion: Celebrate unique perspectives and points of view. Diversity drives innovation.
Community: Bringing together all professionals who value the power of AAI.
Innovation: Establishing AAI’s place as a well-respected complementary modality to be advanced through research and collaboration.
Education: Embrace the role of life-long learners committing to ongoing scholarship.
Excellence: Promoting the highest possible standards in AAI to protect all involved in the intervention.

Frequently Asked Questions
Review the FAQs to learn more AAAIP.
- How is AAAIP different from Pet Partners?
- Who will be able to become a member of AAAIP?
- Will professionals need a therapy animal in order to join?

- I have a facility animal. Does AAAIP apply to me?

- And more.

Our History

AAAIP is an organization affiliated with Pet Partners, one of the world’s largest and most esteemed therapy animal organizations. While Pet Partners focuses on serving volunteer therapy animal teams, we noticed an increasing demand among the field of AAI professionals for services specifically designed for those who partner with animals in vocational practice. Pet Partners spent two years conducting research, working with professional association consultants, and collaborating with field leaders to build AAAIP. AAAIP and Pet Partners enjoy a shared staff of individuals who are passionate about growing AAI and making the human-animal bond as widely available as possible. 

AAAIP Leadership
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AAAIP Membership Disclosure Statement

AAAIP Membership is voluntary and is not an endorsement of Professional Training or Practice. Look for AAI-S Certification designation to identify professionals who have been knowledge-accessed on the competencies that protect all involved in AAI.