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What Members Are Saying...

Animal-Assisted Interventions have progressed dramatically in the past decade and AAAIP is the foundation of our work going forward.  We will now have an organization that focuses on professionals; the ability to collaborate with peers, share resources, expand our education, join in research, and simply move this work forward in a highly ethical and animal-focused manner.  I truly believe that what we can learn from each other through this organization will shape the future of AAI.  
Jen VonLintel
School Counselor, Thompson School District
Adjunct Instructor, IHAC, University of Denver

Decades ago when I invited my dog; Abby, to join me in my work I would have welcomed a roadmap or even the ability to connect with someone else proving animal-assisted interventions. As the field was still relatively new these options were not readily available. While the field has grown over the past years the need for guidance has increased tremendously, and AAAIP will help newcomers to the field through education, connection, resources, and ever-important research.
Cyndie Kieffer, LCSW CPP-AAPT

I have had the honor and privilege of serving on the Leadership Council for the Association of Animal Assisted Interventions Professionals for the last year.  My role was to help shape the organization to meet the needs of its members by sharing what I’ve learned after nearly 12 years as a hospital volunteer and AAI program coordinator alongside an interdisciplinary team of professionals including educators, physical and mental health providers.  I am one of many that had to find their own way in a complex and often misunderstood field, so I remember how empowering it felt to connect with others who shared similar passions for AAI, and human and animal welfare. AAAIP’s education, connection, resources, community, and research benefits seek to address the gaps and barriers to make the field more accessible for all new and veteran AAI practitioners.
Whitney Romine
Former Volunteer Coordinator and Doggie Brigade Advisor at Akron Children’s Hospital

I have taken three of the AAAIP online courses and really enjoyed them. I felt they were really well done, very informative, and easy to follow. I found the coursework so enjoyable, that it did not feel like work.
Dr. Catherine Brock
Occupational Therapist
University of South Alabama  

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